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The List
by Ruth Solomon

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Chapter 13 ~ Snape Gives Hermione an Ultimatum

It was several weeks before things returned to normal for Hermione and the Professor. Dracoís father had put up one hell of a fight to keep his son out of Azkaban, and succeeded. Hermione was subjected to interview after interview with Aurors, Ministry officials and Dracoís legal counsel. The use of veritasserum was effectively blocked by Dracoís lawyers, so the young wizard was not forced to reveal the truth under its influence. Professor Snape's testimony was stricken from the record in exchange for him not being charged with breaking Draco's jaw. Hogwarts teachers were not to physically assault students, and he could have lost his job. Snape agreed to this only at Albus' insistence. The Headmaster did not want to lose him. So it came down to Hermioneís word against Dracoís word, especially after the evidence, being the lust potion bottle, disappeared mysteriously. Without the bottle there was no real case.

What Dracoís counsel claimed was Hermione was a tease that had driven the young Malfoy wild over a period several weeks with unmet promises of sexual intercourse. They also claimed the wizard was unable to eat or sleep, driven to distraction because of the witch, and was not himself when the unfortunate incident occurred. It was found that Draco was a victim of his own adolescent sexual drive, and not yet mature enough to handle them. So the young wizard was released and the record of his arrest, sealed.

However, Albus refused to accept young Malfoy back to Hogwarts, and despite his fatherís best efforts, Draco had to finish his studies at home and did not graduate with the graduating class, although he did receive a Hogwarts diploma.

During the time of the trial, Snape and Hermione did not get a chance to discuss their situation. In fact, Hermione was so distracted and off-balance because of the case, Snape feared that she had lost all interest in him. He thought perhaps the close call with Draco had cooled her ardor for sex, and consequentially for him. It had been a terrible ordeal after all, and she probably felt terrible, terrible shame because of her actions under the lust potions. In class, she could hardly meet his eyes. When he tried to talk with her about how she was feeling, she barely answered his inquiries and he let her go, frustrated. He didnít bring up her attraction to him, simply because she was no longer evidencing it. Now he found the tables turned, and it was he lusting after Miss Granger.

When Draco was freed, Hermione felt as if there were no justice in the world at first. His hatred of her amazed the witch. She remembered everything he said when he was on top of her. Every horrible word, and every touch he gave her. She also remembered trying to seduce Professor Snape under the influence, and she was very ashamed of herself. Even though she was under the lust potion, she felt disgusted with herself that she would throw herself at him after wanting Draco the way she did. She still had feelings for the Professor, she still wanted him, but felt he couldnít possibly want her after seeing how slutty she had acted. She remembered letting Draco kiss her, and wondered if his council had been right, that she had driven the wizard to do such a desperate thing. But he told her he had always planned to fuck her from the very beginning. She had been so stupid to believe heíd changed. The Professor had tried to warn her, but she didnít listen to him. When last came to last, Hermione believed the entire situation with Draco was her fault and hers alone. So she shut down.

Professor Snape saw the pain behind those amber eyes, and tried his best to get her to open up by ordinary means. But it just wasnít working, and he needed it to work. He had begun to have dreams about the witch, and woke up on more than one occasion to a rather sticky bedspread. His normal snarky attitude worsened, and his students bore the brunt of his dissatisfaction. His marking of parchments became more demanding and exacting, and he was on a record roll with the amount of house points he was taking, and the number of detentions he was assigning. There were so many complaints by the students to their heads of houses, that they descended on Albus en masse and demanded he find out what was wrong with the Potions Master and do something about it before there was no house cup competition because Slytherin house would be the only one left with points.

Albus summoned Snape to his office and offered him the usual lemon drop, which the dark wizard declined, also as usual. The Headmaster withdrew the plate of candies, set it down and placed his hands on desk, tapping the tips together as he looked at the stony-faced Snape.

"Severus, you have to ask her," the Headmaster said.

The Potions Master raised his eyebrows at this statement from out of the blue.

"Ask who, what?" he responded, scowling at Albus.

"You must ask Miss Granger if she still desires and wants you, directly, instead of waiting for her to evidence it. It is quite possible she has given up on you wanting her after you witnessed her wanton behavior with Draco, even if the lust potion inspired it. Women have a terrible habit of blaming themselves for the things men do, Severus, and can twist a situation so badly they end up believing they are entirely at fault. If this has happened to Miss Granger, she might actually believe she is no longer fit for you, or anyone for that matter, and has suppressed her need as a result," he said, looking at the Potions Master, who looked thoughtful.

Albus continued.

"You came into this as the pursued, Severus. Given your rather strait-laced attitudes concerning students of the age of consent, it took a while for it to sink in that Miss Granger could be a good thing. You also used the fact that she wanted you to justify any future intimacy. It was easier on you. But now, she is not evidencing that desire any longer, and soÖnot Ďwooingí you. Yet youíve already developed an equally strong attraction to the witch, and your ardor hasnít cooled. You are frustrated, my boy, and taking it out on the student body as a whole, when you should really be pursuing Miss Granger, and letting her know she is still desirable to you. You need to let her know it is all right to still want you. That you do not hold any anger or blame against her because of what Draco has done. She needs reassurance, Severus. I know you are not a man of great emotional displays, but if you want that witch in your bed, then you are going to have to let her know you do, in no uncertain terms. I suggest you get on this immediately before I am forced to take away your point-taking authority. Do I make myself clear, Severus? Talk to Miss Granger," Albus said, his blue eyes twinkling behind his glasses.

The Potions Master sat there. Of course, Albus was right. He was hedging and suffering for it. He needed to talk to Hermione, and he would do it today after class. If a bit of snogging was in order, he would do that too. He had to wake that fire back up.


The afternoon potions class seemed to drag by. Hermione did her assigned reading without so much as a glance at the Potions Master. When she was at her randiest for him, he caught her sneaking peeks constantly. When the class ended, and the students placed their parchments on his desk, Snape waited for Hermione to approach.

"Miss Granger?" he said, looking at the witch. Her amber eyes flicked up at him and back down to the desk. He felt a throb at her reticence.

"Yes, Professor?" she asked softly.

"I would like you to remain after class. I need to talk to you," he said, his black eyes on her face.

"Yes sir," Hermione responded without enthusiasm.

She walked back to her seat, sat down and waited for the class to clear. The Professor followed the last student out, then locked and warded the door behind him. He then walked back to the front of the room and stood, leaning against his desk, directly in front of Hermione. She sat with her eyes on the table.

"Look at me, Miss Granger!" the Potions Master said in a harsh voice. Startled, Hermione looked up at him, wide-eyed. His black eyes met hers.

"Miss Granger, do you still dream about me?" he asked her, his voice hard.

Hermione blinked at him and swallowed. She didnít answer.

Snape suddenly slammed his hand violently on the desk in front of her, making Hermione jump in her seat.

"I asked you a question, Miss Granger. Do you still dream about me fucking you?" the Potions Master demanded.

"Yes," Hermione said in a small voice. "All the time."

The Potions Master looked at her. His tight chest loosened in relief, but he didnít show it.

"Do you still feel the same about my voice? My eyes? My controlling nature?" he asked her.

"Yes, Professor," Hermione answered. He could see flickerings of the familiar heat in her eyes.

He leaned forward on the desk, bringing his face very close to hers.

"Do you still have the desire to make those dreams reality, Miss Granger," he asked her silkily.

"Yessss," she answered breathlessly. Her eyes were bright now. Then suddenly they clouded, and she dropped her head. Snape frowned.

"What is wrong, Miss Granger?" he asked her, softening his voice, "Tell me why you are trying to hide what you are feeling now, when you were so candid with me before. Tell me."

"You saw me with Draco," she said, "that had to disgust you," she said.

"No, it didnít disgust me, Miss Granger. I knew what he had done," he replied.

"Yes, but you warned me and I didnít listen. I got what I deserved," she whispered.

The Potions Master scowled. Albus had been right. She blamed herself. He caught her chin, hard, harder than he intended he was so outraged.

"Now you listen to me. You had no way of knowing what Draco was up to. And as for listening to me, I am not known for either my forgiveness or my compassion. You may well have been correct about Draco, and I might have been wrong. You were trying to help him redeem himself. It is not your fault the wizard is unredeemable," Snape said.

He let go of her chin.

"Come up here, Miss Granger," he growled.

Hermione stood up and walked from around the desk. She stood facing him, her lip trembling as she made a courageous effort not to cry.

Snape looked down at her.

"I dream about you too, Miss Granger," he admitted, "I dream of doing things to you in ways that a would make your porno movie seem like a childís animation. Hard. Strong. Ceaselessly. I dream about your legs trapped over my shoulders, about your nails digging into my back, and about you screaming my name at the top of your voice, Miss Granger. I wake up covered in come some mornings."

He moved closer to her, so his body just barely touched hers. She was trembling at his words.

"If I donít fuck you soon, Miss GrangerÖIím going to wind up killing somebody," he breathed, " I need to know if you still want me the way you did when you wrote that list."

Hermione swayed against him, feeling his lean body, taunt, strong, barely contained. The Professorís dark eyes looked down at her as if he were already possessing her. Heat burst between her legs, and she gasped. The Professor took that for a yes, and once again lifted her up and pressed his mouth to hers hungrily, not giving her a chance to react, as he forced his tongue between her lips and tasted her thoroughly, his cock throbbing terribly beneath his robes. Before he knew what he was doing, he had her lying on top of the desk, and his body on top of hers, working against her, grinding into her as he continued to kiss her, growling hungrily. He felt her legs wrap around him and he heaved himself against her, jerking her body as if he were actually fucking her, he broke the kiss and looked down at her face as he continued humping against her. Her amber eyes were hot, and she was moaning, moving against him as he pressed his cock between her thighs, feeling her heat through their robes.. He could take her right here, right now on his desk and fuck her senseless. It would only be a matter of removing her knickers and taking out his cock and driving into her. Gods that would be heaven.

"Damn, Miss Granger," he said to her, his voice low with desire as he rocked against her soft body. He slid a pale hand down her side, around the curves of her breast and over her hip.

"ProfessorÖdo it," the witch moaned, arching against him desperately. Snape stared down at the witch beneath him, then started to hitch up his robes frantically, seeking to unfasten his pants. He had just loosened them when the knock came.

"Fuck!" he breathed, releasing Hermione and pulling her off the desk. She was flushed and continued to push against him hungrily.

"No, we have to stop," he hissed, holding her back. Anyone who looked at her would be able to tell she was aroused. Desperately, Snape cast a strong cooling spell on her. She immediately wrapped her arms around herself, teeth chattering.

"No time for a cold shower," he breathed as the knocking continued. He straightened his robes and walked to the door, pulling it open with a scowl. Albus stood on the other side. Snape ran his hand through his hair quickly.

"Headmaster," he said, stepping aside and letting the tall wizard in.

"Ah Severus," he said. Then his eyes fell on Hermione, "And Miss Granger, what a pleasant surprise." His sharp blue eyes noticed her shivering. "You look rather cold, Miss Granger," he commented.

"Iím fine, Headmaster," she said, her teeth threatening to chatter some more.

The Headmaster looked doubtful. He turned to Snape.

"You really need to turn on some heat, Severus," Albus said, giving him a wink.

Snape scowled again.

"Is there a reason you stopped by here, Headmaster?" he asked.

"I was just in the area, Severus. I stopped by purely on a whim," he said, smiling. "Though I would like to talk to you about procuring some of that splendid shampoo of yours. The one that scrubs your scalp itself? Extraordinary. I was hoping you had another bottle."

Snape sighed. He didnít. That meant Albus would wait until he mixed up a batch. He looked at Hermione longingly.

"I can mix you up a bottle, sir," the Professor said, still looking at the witch, who was staring back at him. Despite her coldness, she was still panting somewhat, looking completely fuckable.

If Albus noticed the tension between the two, he acted like he didnít.

"Excellent," he smiled, "Iíll just wait, if you donít mind."

Snape wanted to say he minded very much, but this was the Headmaster. You werenít allowed to mind.

Albus took the end seat in the first row, crossing his arms and looking from Snape to Hermione with a smile on his face.

"Iíll be right with you, sir," Snape said, walking up to Hermione and catching her by the arm. He walked her toward the door and leaned into her.

"The Headmaster just saved you from a very rough ride, Miss Granger," he said to her with a slight growl in his voice. "We would have been moving furniture, believe me."

Hermione couldnít even speak she was so turned on by Snape.

"I canít wait anymore," she breathed.

"I wonít wait any more," Snape replied, tightening his grip on her arm until she gasped. "You come to my office after curfew tonight. After nine in nothing but your robe. Understand me, Miss Granger. Nothing. But. Your. Robes. And if you arenít here by nine fifteen, make no mistake. I WILL come find you," he breathed against her ear.

Hermione shuddered at the threat in his voice.

Snape opened the door.

"Now you go get a good meal and rest up. While you can," he hissed, pushing her out the door and closing it quickly behind her.

Hermione stood there a minute, staring at the closed door. Passing Slytherins looked at her curiously. None of them messed with her much since the Draco incident. The Professor told them she was to be left alone. Hermione ignored their looks and turned, walking slowly toward the main hall, her heart pounding.

Tonight sheíd learn what it meant to be the woman of Severus Snape.


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