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Chapter 12 ~ Acts of Vengeance and Selflessness

After breakfast the next morning, Severus went up to Albus' office. He found the Headmaster finishing off a list of instructions to follow in case he shouldn't return. Upon his death, the castle itself would recognize Minerva McGonagall as the rightful Headmistress and transport her directly to his office.

"Are you ready then, my boy?" Albus asked him, placing one hand on Severus' shoulder and squeezing it encouragingly.

"Yes sir," Severus replied, his eyes hard with determination.

"For Jacob, then," the Headmaster said soberly.

"For my son," Severus replied.

They put their plan into action.


Severus returned to his rooms, opened the secret panel and donned his deatheater robes. On his bed lay his short sword. This was what he intended to use to take the head of Voldemort. He slipped the sword inside his robes, tucking it into his trousers. He pulled on his half-mask, raised his hood and took a deep breath.

"For Jacob," he said once more, then apparated to the Dark Lord's stronghold.

If Severus had hoped to accomplish his revenge without Hermione's presence, he was out of luck. As soon as he apparated, he saw the witch standing outside the door that led to her room, staring down at several fallen deatheaters she had just taken out.

Voldemort was laughing and praising the witch from his throne.

"Well done, Hermione," he chortled.

On the other side of the room, three female deatheaters, including Bellatrix, stared at Hermione hatefully. They were jealous the Dark Lord was praising her.

"I'm going to take that mudblood down a notch or two soon," Bella seethed. 

She didn't like Voldemort showing any attention to other females. Usually when he did, he ended up fucking them eventually. Bella hated to admit it, but the mudblood was attractive in her own lowborn way. She was very petite and her amber eyes were lovely and expressive. Her wild, curling hair was like a mane and longer than her own. And though small, she was curvaceous, though she didn't strut her wares like Bella did. 

Severus looked around the throne room. Despite Hermione's presence he would still enact their plan. He knelt as Voldemort's red eyes fell on him.

"Severus! I missed you yesterday. Arise and approach my throne," the Dark Lord said.

"Thank you my Lord," Severus intoned, his heart brimming with hatred. He forced the emotion from his mind. Voldemort might feel it. He stood, lowered his hood, removed his mask and approached the throne. The Potions Master then knelt again reaching into his pocket and extracting a small box.

Hermione was watching her ex-husband closely, wondering if he had found out anything as he extended what looked like a gift to the Dark Lord.

"What is this, Severus?" Voldemort asked him, looking at the box.

"A simple gift, my Lord. A tribute if you will," Severus replied, keeping his eyes on the floor. If Voldemort looked at them, he would see the malice the Potions Master felt. His entire insides felt as if they were on fire, he wanted to kill the wizard so badly.

"A tribute. Ah yes, I am worthy of such things and more. Give it here, my faithful servant. The Dark Lord favors you," Voldemort said, holding out his thin hand.

Severus stepped up on the first step leading to the throne. It took all his strength not to throw himself on the wizard. Slowly he stepped back down and knelt again.

Voldemort looked at the box for a moment, then opened it. A beautiful platinum ring sat in the box, set with two sapphires and the band consisting of several phoenixes beak to tail.

Voldemort recognized this ring. It was the Headmaster's. His servant had stolen it and made a gift of it to him.

"Isn't this Albus' ring?" he asked Severus.

The Potions Master's face drew into a black scowl.

"No. It is Albus himself," he replied darkly as the ring flashed with a blinding light and Albus Dumbledore himself appeared, dropping and grasping Voldemort around the knees as the red-eyed wizard screamed in rage and sent out a summons before he was completely nullified and unable to move.

Hermione looked on, shocked, then drew her wand and ran forward.

Severus drew his sword and rushed up the throne steps.

"You and Bellatrix killed my child! Here is your reward, my Lord!" Severus bellowed, swinging his sword viciously and slicing through the Dark Lord's neck. 

Black blood spurted fountained upward as the severed head tumbled to the floor. Voldemort's body spasmed wildly as Albus released his legs. Both he and Severus were covered in the foul fluid spurting from the wizard's body.

Bellatrix screamed and rushed forward, drawing her wand.

"You killed him! You killed the Dark Lord you traitorous scum!" she screamed at Severus. Bellatrix was hit with a weak stunner and thrown back. Hermione had cast it. She didn't want the witch unconscious when she took her revenge.

"And you killed my child!" Hermione retorted, her eyes beginning to glow with hatred as deatheaters began to apparate in.

"Shit, he managed a summons," Severus said as the deatheaters began to attack. Albus threw up a shield around the throne. Despite what was believed, the Avada Kedavra curse could be blocked, if only for a short while.

Hermione was shooting blasts of energy, taking out ten deatheaters at a time. She had raised a protective shield around herself…the one she had designed for the Aurors that could block hexes but allow the user to send their own. She quickly created a wall however, and dove behind it. Her shield couldn't block the Avada Kedavra curse.

The three were so busy battling the deatheaters, not one of them noticed what was happening to Voldemort's body. The black blood was skittering up the throne and into the severed neck at an amazing speed. The disembodied head on the floor began to move, being drawn as if by a magnet back to the body. It floated upward and affixed itself to the neck, the flesh mending. The red eyes ignited and the Dark Lord looked at the distracted wizards, stood, then threw out his hands, three dark tendrils extending from them, each wrapping around the necks of Albus, Severus and even Hermione, lifting them into the air gasping and clutching ineffectively at the magic nooses.

"You thought to destroy me, the Dark Lord, with a simple stroke of a sword, Severus? I am almost immortal you fool! Such barbaric methods, as satisfyingly bloody as they are will not kill me! Yes, I killed that bastard son of yours. Marriage did not legitimize such a creature…born from a muggle-born. It was necessary and right. The child should never have been born and I made sure it wasn't."

The three struggled uselessly as Voldemort shook them in the air. Bellatrix walked up to Severus smiling.

"It was a pleasure to kill your child, Severus," she said to him, an evil smile on her face. Then she strolled over to Hermione, looking up at the choking witch. "A real pleasure."

Even choking Hermione glared down at the witch with hatred.

Voldemort looked at Albus.

"And a gift. I've waited years for this moment you old fool. Your sentiment has led to your death. With you gone, my victory over the wizarding world is assured. Prepare to die…all of you!" Voldemort said, preparing to tighten the nooses and finish all of them.

Suddenly, there was a flash, and Argus Filch stood before the throne, his Glock zeroed in on Voldemort. He didn't hesitate as the Dark Lord looked at him with a "Who the fuck is this?" expression on his face.

"This is for Jacob!" Filch cried, pulling the trigger and unloading two bullets straight into Voldemort's forehead, throwing him back into the throne where he slumped, black blood running down his face.

Hermione, Albus and Severus immediately dropped to the floor, gasping

"You old fool. You cannot kill the Dark Lord with muggle weapons!" Bellatrix cried at Filch who turned his gun on her. "Avada Kedavra!" she cried, bathing the squib in the dread green light.

Filch pulled the trigger of his Glock 17 reflexively as the light of death enveloped him, the bullet hitting Bellatrix squarely in the chest and ripping through her heart, killing the witch instantly. They both fell at the same time.

On the throne, Voldemort's blood was attempting to crawl back into the gaping hole in his head, but was stopped by something…something that was repelling it. The bullets had collapsed upon impact, spilling their contents into the Dark Lord's body. The clear liquid now coursed through the wizard's veins, interacting with them and drying them out, killing his blood and shriveling his organs. Voldemort shuddered horribly on the throne, his skin darkening as his body writhed, sucking in on itself, drying out, mummifying. Finally he stopped moving, looking for all the world like a human-shaped raisin, dressed up in golden robes.

All the deatheaters were staring at their dead Lord in shock. Voldemort wasn't coming back from this one. Hermione took advantage of their stunned inaction. 

The witch quickly cast a shield on Albus and Severus who were staring at the Dark Lord's body in amazement, then shouted, "Pulsus Infinitus!"

Bursts of energy shot out of her wand, each seeking out and blasting every deatheater in the room into unconsciousness.

As they fell, thunder cracks of apparition sounded as Aurors appeared. When Voldemort died, his shielding around the stronghold died with him. When Bellatrix cast the Killing Curse, the signature was identified by the Ministry and the Aurors quickly apparated to the source of it. They checked and bound the deatheaters, some of them staring with awe at the shriveled form on the throne.

Hermione released Albus and Severus, who stood up and brushed themselves off.

An Auror walked over to Filch's body and picked up the gun. He inspected the barrel, his finger on the trigger.

"Put that down!" Hermione screamed at him in horror, startling the Auror and the gun went off. 

Luckily, the barrel had fallen to the side and the bullet missed his head. Hermione ran over to the frightened wizard and snatched the gun away.

"This is a muggle instrument of death," she said to him, holding the gun barrel down. "You almost killed yourself."

The Auror paled, then walked off unsteadily to continue his duties.

Hermione looked down at Argus, who had a relaxed, peaceful look on his face. The old squib had single-handedly saved the entire wizarding world as well as avenged "his boy."

Albus and Severus walked over and looked down on the body as well.

"I'm afraid Filch has stolen our glory, Severus," the old wizard said, his blue eyes glistening. "and usurped your revenge."

Severus looked down on the grizzled features of the caretaker.

"He loved Jacob. He died to avenge him. My son's murderers are dead, and I am satisfied. A pity I never knew just how much of a friend he really was. As to the glory…he's welcome to it. His whole life was spent in thankless service behind the scenes…a squib in a wizard's world. He wasn't appreciated in life, but will be in death. The gods bless him," the Potions Master said quietly.

Hermione looked down on Filch, tears streaming down her face.

"Thank you, Argus," she whispered, "Now I know Jacob has someone who'll take care of him on the other side."

The three stood there a long while as the Aurors began apparating away with the remaining deatheaters. They would get a statement from the three later.

It was easy to see they were mourning a great man.

A/N: Filch made the ultimate sacrifice didn't he? Yeah, I turned him into the hero. What the hey. I even teared up a little. I know everyone probably wanted Hermione and Severus to turn it out…but I liked this better. It only goes to show you never know who your friends are and The little guy is sometimes bigger than we think. Please review.


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