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Chapter 2 ~ Quid Pro Quo

Hermione hung back, her heart pounding.

"Come out, Miss Granger—Hermione," Snape called. "Don't make me retrieve you."

Stunned that he knew who she was, as well as his use of her given name, Hermione emerged from behind the stack of towels, red-faced and unnecessarily holding the front of her tied robe closed with both hands.

Snape watched her approach, expressionless. He didn't seem to be the least put out that all he wore was a towel wrapped low around his hips.

"How—how did you know it was me?" Hermione asked, her voice barely above a whisper as she stared at his naked chest and belly. Snape's mouth quirked slightly.

"Simple deduction. I knew someone was in here because the pool and spigots were wet, and the clouds were still evaporating. I knew that someone was hiding behind the towels because there is no other place here capable of hiding anyone. And I knew it was you because I saw Potter's Invisibility Cloak and smelled jasmine. The jasmine spigot isn't wet from back splash. Who would Potter give his father's cloak to that smelled of jasmine other than you?"

"I—I didn't mean to spy," Hermione said, reddening.

"You didn't mean to get caught in the Prefect's bathroom," Snape corrected her. "Now, let's see how many points I can deduct here, making a generous allowance, of course, for Slytherin gaining the House Cup—"

"Hey—" Hermione started to protest.

Snape frowned at her.

"You are in no position to argue, Hermione," the wizard snapped before continuing. "Now—out after curfew, found in a restricted area, concealing one's self from an authority figure, ogling said authority figure—"

"Ogling? I wasn't ogling you!" Hermione lied, reddening.

"You were most certainly ogling me," Snape said calmly. "It was hard work keeping you from seeing the Full Monty."

"What? I didn't want to see—"

"Move to the shallower part," Snape purred at her, repeating her thought out loud.

Hermione felt dizzy for a moment.

"I didn't say that," she said in a quavering voice.

"No, but you clearly thought it."

"You don't know that."

"I do. I used Legilimency."

"You couldn't have. You have to make eye contact to do that."

"I didn't make eye contact with you, but you made it with me even though I didn't clearly see you. It was enough to make the connection—"

"But you didn't say—"

"Non-verbal and wandless magic, Hermione," Snape said with a hint of disdain. "What do you think I am? A seventh year? How do you think I saved myself in the Shrieking Shack with no wand and my vocal cords damaged by the depth of Nagini's bite?"

Hermione didn't answer him. She felt rather stupid. Snape's dark eyes drifted up her robe consideringly. She had it grasped so tightly, her knuckles were whitened.

"You're going to cost Gryffindor quite a number of points," he said quietly.

"Oh, don't, professor," Hermione pleaded with him.

Snape studied her.

"Perhaps a bit of Quid Pro Quo is in order," he said slowly.

"Quid Pro Quo?" Hermione repeated rather hollowly.

"Yes," Snape replied, his mouth quirking again. "You watched me bathe. I think you should return the favor."


"I happen to enjoy watching an attractive female form as well," the wizard said softly. "A woman's body is an amazing thing. Arousing, functional, a thing of beauty in all stages of maturity, in all its many shapes and forms. Large or small, it is a wonder I take much pleasure in viewing. I believe your indulgence will effectively wipe this—error in judgment away, Hermione."

"You want to see me naked?" Hermione asked him, a battalion of dragons rising in her belly, their tails tickling just a little lower.

"I want more than that. I want to watch you bathe—watch you go about your normal activities when you cleanse yourself. It is—beautiful to watch a woman do that, to prepare her body, to make it—pristine."

Snape's eyes glittered.

"If I do this, you won't take away any points?" Hermione asked him for clarification.

"No, you will return to Gryffindor tower with points intact," Snape responded. "Possibly several more points than you arrived with if I am pleased."

Hermione blinked at him. Was he attempting to bribe her to see her body? Gods, he looked so hot standing there in nothing but a towel, watching her and waiting for an answer.

Hermione suddenly felt very naughty. She really shouldn't do it. She should take her point loss. Of course, she could report Snape but it would be her word against his and he'd come out on top, being he was a teacher and caught her dead to rights. Plus, she didn't want anyone to know she had been ogling him.

"All right. I'll do it, professor," she said softly, walking past him.

Hermione stood before the pool, her eyes resting on the still steaming water, aware of Snape behind her, watching silently. Taking a quiet breath, she untied the sash to her robe, then let it slide down her arms to the floor, revealing her body.

Snape's black eyes drank in the sight of her soft shoulders, the delicate blades of her upper back, thin like bird musculature, the slight curvature of her spine and the tapering of her waist. The subtle flare of her hips, the fullness of her rounded buttocks and slight thickness of her thighs were a work of art.

Hermione stood there a moment, a delicious feeling thrumming inside her until it became unbearable.

Then, she dove into the water.

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