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Professor Snape Bangs Again
by Ruth Solomon


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Chapter 9 ~ The Professor Delves a Bit Deeper

Hermione half-opened her eyes and looked at the chair blocking the door. She had to move it and clean herself up before the Professor returned. The witch rolled out of the bed, walked over to the door and dragged the chair back to its original position. Then she picked up the vibrator and brought it with her into the bathroom. She washed it off, dried it and returned it to the second drawer of the nightstand.

Hermione then took a nice, cool shower, bathing herself thoroughly with the jasmine-scented soap the Professor supplied. She brought it to her nose.

"Well, at least he knows what I like. But more than likely he provided this scent because he likes it," she said to herself as she soaped her washcloth and drew it across her body. 

Hermione turned off the shower, exited the bathroom and looked at the huge wet spot on the twin bed. Ah well, there was nothing she could do about that or the scent of sex in the air. She looked at the leather outfit. Maybe she'd try it on. Suddenly the door opened and the Professor stalked in.

"Are you ready to eat, witch?" he asked, his black eyes flicking toward the bed. He saw both the wet spot and the leather outfit. 

She certainly had come a lot. Less for him. His scowl got darker.

"Yes," Hermione said shortly.

Severus looked at her a moment, his eyes falling on the collar and bracelets. He pulled out his wand and flicked it at her. Suddenly Hermione was dressed in the leather outfit, fishnet stockings and leather garters. She didn't have either the shoes or mask on however and was in her stocking feet.

"Your outfit was incomplete," the Potions Master said silkily, gesturing for her to leave the room. Hermione walked past him and he slapped her on the ass as she passed. Hermione spun, her eyes furious.

"Don't look so upset, Miss Granger…I'll be slapping you with more than my hand in a little while. Get used to the contact," he said, pushing her up the hall. He returned to the bedroom, walked over to the nightstand, opened the second drawer and took out the vibrator. He looked at it. Hermione had cleaned it. He stuck the sex toy in his pocket and quickly caught up to the witch.

Hermione walked ahead of the wizard, aware of his eyes on her leather-clad body. Soon he'd be slamming away inside her, brutal, uncaring, taking his pleasure while she withstood his pain. The witch steeled herself. At least she had some pleasure before he got at her. She would try to focus on that. Maybe it would help. 

Hermione turned into the living room and saw two plates on a small table between the two armchairs by the fireplace. She took the chair where Severus made her give him the topsy-turvy blowjob. The witch looked at the sandwich, then lifted up the top slice of bread to see what it was. Rare roast beef with lettuce, tomato and mustard. There was also a tall glass of pumpkin juice. Hermione looked at it skeptically as Severus sat down in the armchair next to hers. 

The wizard looked at her expression as she eyed the pumpkin juice.

"It's not dosed," he said, picking up his sandwich.

Hermione looked at him.

"Switch with me," she said evenly.

Severus frowned at her impertinence. Not only did she think he couldn't bring her pleasure, she thought he would resort to using potions on her.

He switched the glasses and drank out of hers.

As he set the glass down he said loftily, "Unlike you Hermione, I don't have to resort to potions."

"Unlike me, Severus, you aren't going to be fucked by a wizard who treats your body as if it has no nerve endings. If you were, trust me…you'd use potions to try and offset the impending pain," she replied, taking a bite of her sandwich.

"There's nothing wrong with the way I fuck," he responded, his eyes narrowing. "I've left a trail of satisfied witches in my wake. You just don't have enough experience to appreciate me."

Hermione swallowed her sandwich and looked at him.

"The way you fucked me last time, Severus, made me feel as if I don't want any more experience. Period. You've managed to put me off wizards," she said. "I'll probably end up alone. Or a lesbian. I imagine another woman would be more understanding of a woman's needs."

Severus fought back a growl. What the fuck was the witch saying? She felt he was so bad she didn't want to fuck another wizard ever? He felt like striking her for saying such a thing, but he withheld his hand, and bit savagely into his sandwich, his face black.

Hermione noticed a dangerous mien about the wizard and fell silent, eating her sandwich and staring at the fishnet stockings she wore. They really were sexy. Too bad this weekend was under duress and she had nothing to really look forward to other than being used as a cockhole…she might have enjoyed herself otherwise.

Hermione had no idea Severus was in her mind now and heard this thought. Well, she was right about that. It had been his intention to use her supple young body just for that purpose. Hermione was quite curvaceous and in the Potions Master's opinion, made for fucking. But her estimation of him as a lover rankled him. He watched as her thoughts went back to the vibrator…only this time she was in Hogwarts, using one in the privacy of her bedroom, bringing herself to climax after satisfying climax. He searched through her memories and found his tryst with her in a dark part of her mind. He didn't even look like himself…but more like a beast, heavy browed, panting and drooling as he rode her body and herself, screaming miserably, her only thought was of him getting off of her.  There was nothing remotely sexual.

The Potions Master pulled out of her mind, his expression dark and brooding as he finished his sandwich. Severus Snape was a wizard who never really cared about what anyone thought of him. His life didn't allow for such luxuries. He wasn't apologetic at all for how he was. The wizard had to glean whatever pleasure he could from whatever source he could. Hermione was convenient and fresh. He had never considered her being "willing" to be of much importance.

Obviously, she was willing to give herself to him to reach her goals. Well, maybe willing wasn't the right word. Resigned would be a better description. But the fact that she preferred a vibrator to him coupled with the fact that she didn't want to fuck another wizard, and was even considering becoming a lesbian because of his sexual performance really made him feel a bit…well…inadequate. Severus didn't like this feeling at all. It was as if a cloud had descended upon his sunny weekend of unbridled sex. He was rather proud of the way he wore women out, and Hermione's poor but sincere estimation of him was affecting.

The worst part was, this wasn't something the witch was saying to try and emasculate him. This was something she honestly felt about him. That he couldn't bring her pleasure. That he was incapable of such a thing. The wizard saw how she had responded to the vibrator…he had to admit it was erotic as hell.

Severus watched Hermione drain the last of her pumpkin juice, his eyes dark.

She was wrong about him. Dead wrong. He could outfuck a vibrator and bring pleasure. The thought that he could be blamed for driving a woman to seek out her own sex for intimacy was a horrible one.

The witch set her glass down on the table, and sighed, turning her amber eyes on the wizard without enthusiasm. It was time to do what she came here to do…or rather time to have done what she came here to have done to her. She wasn't a participant in this after all. It was all about the Potions Master. Most likely he was looking forward to making her beg him to stop. With that monster of a cock he had hidden in his trousers, more than likely she would, not that it would make a difference.

Little did she know the wizard did want to make her beg him…but not to stop…but to keep going. Hermione had no idea she had inadvertently issued a challenge to the wizard, a challenge to make her love his sex.

A challenge he planned to win.

Severus' eyes swept over her.

"Leather suits you," he breathed. "Stand up and come over here."

Hermione stood up and stepped over to the Potions Master, facing him as he sat in the armchair. She was collared, and her breasts were secured and encircled in black leather, the full globes firm and dark-tipped visible. Severus eyes dropped to the small leather knickers that rode low on her belly, then to the garters and the fishnet stockings. He shook his head as he looked at her.

"If your housemates could see you now," he purred.

"We'd be knee deep in vomit if they saw me with you, even with the leather," she replied a bit coldly.

The wizard arched an eyebrow at her, but didn't correct her. It was true after all.

Severus reached in his pocket and pulled out the vibrator. Hermione flushed.

"Ever seen one of these before?" he asked the witch, his black eyes glinting.

Hermione nodded.

He turned it on, and the silver sex toy hummed. Hermione's eyes went a little hot. Severus studied her face as she stared at the vibrator.

"Ever use one, Hermione?" he asked her silkily. Hermione's eyes shifted to his rather guiltily.

"Yes," she said hoarsely.

"When? Where?" he asked her.

Suddenly Hermione realized that somehow, the wizard knew she had used the vibrator. She could tell by the way he was looking at her, wearing an odd kind of expression. As if he were smirking and frowning at the same time. It made no sense to lie about it. The vibrator had given her the best sexual experience she'd ever had.

"Tonight. In the room you gave me. It was in the second drawer of the nightstand, and I…well I was feeling randy and needed some pleasurable release," she said, flushing.

"Why didn't you wait for me? I would have given you an orgasm. Several in fact," he said to her, cocking his head.

"I wanted it then. You had received your…your satisfaction, and I got nothing but an ache. Plus, I wanted to feel pleasure while coming to climax, Severus, not have one brutally beaten out of me. Climax with you is forced. It isn't real. What I got tonight was a real orgasm, brought by pleasure like I've never experienced," she said.

Severus looked at her consideringly, then laid the side of the vibrator against her breast and ran it over her nipple slowly. It peaked instantly, and the witch shuddered.

"So the touch of this cold, inanimate object is preferred to my touch, Hermione?" he asked her, running the vibrator over her belly and the front of her leather knickers slowly, before bringing it back up to her breast. 

The witch was fairly trembling.

"Yes. It brings me pleasure. You don't," she responded, looking the wizard in the eye.

Severus stared at her a moment, then turned the vibrator around in his hand, thrusting it at her.

"Show me," the wizard said, his eyes glittering.

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