The Burning Pen

Professor Snape Bangs Again
by Ruth Solomon


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Chapter 7 ~ Discovery and Reaction

Severus walked down the hallway and turned off into a guestroom. He approached the walk-in closet, pulled out his wand and said, "Lumos" lighting the interior. He walked to the end of the closet and swung his hand about in the air until he touched Hermione's disillusioned clothing, which was hung up on hangers. Using the sense of touch, he gathered them together and carried them out into the bedroom. He laid the clothes on the bed and removed the disillusionment spell.

Her robes appeared, along with a white dress, her knickers and her bra. Severus immediately searched her robes pockets. He frowned and pulled a tiny bottle out of each pocket. Scowling, he restored them to their proper size and read the labels.

"First Night potion and the Tenderness potion," he read, his eyes narrowing.

It seemed the little Gryffindor witch had tried to go Slytherin on him and manipulate this weekend to suit herself. So, she hoped to make her experience with him pleasurable. If she just let go, it could be that way.

Still, it rankled the Potions Master a bit that the witch believed he couldn't bring her pleasure. He was quite a good lover, if he thought so himself. He had never been with a witch he didn't bring to orgasm. Hell, he had given Hermione several on New Years Eve.

Severus stared at the bottles. She had to pay for this attempted subterfuge. He had told her not to bring anything with her. She even had her wand…like he would allow her to have that. Hermione did not follow instructions well at all.

Severus stuck the two bottles into his pockets and returned Hermione's clothing to the closet, disillusioning them again. Then he headed for the bathroom in his master bedroom. The Potions Master entered, his eyes falling on his four-poster draped in Slytherin colors. He'd be driving the witch across it sometime during this weekend. He walked into the bathroom, opened his potions cabinet and took out a contraceptive patch. He would apply it to the witch himself, and make sure it took before he fucked her.

He didn't need any bastards running about, after all.

He walked back toward the living room, scowling as he thought about how Hermione tried to pull one over him. If he hadn't divestoed her clothing, she would have drank either or both potions. Severus' face went completely black as he imagined what his reaction would be after the Tenderness potion wore off. The witch would have paid for her deception. In spades.

He entered the living room. Hermione was curled up in the chair, looking terrified. Yes, that was the reaction he had been expecting. Obviously she drew strength from the belief she would be able to control the situation. Well, belief was not fact…and the face was Hermione Granger was completely at his mercy. The thing was, Severus had no intentions of being merciful to the witch.

The wizard looked at her imperiously as she sat there, her knees drawn up tight and arms crossing her chest.

"Put your hands down, witch. I've seen you naked before," he snarled at her, his nostrils flared and black eyes flashing angrily. "There's no need for false modesty. You will become used to being naked in my presence. Now hands down!"

Hermione slowly lowered her hands, revealing her full breasts.

"And your knees," the Potions Master said, frowning.

Slowly, Hermione lowered her legs to the floor, keeping them close together. This was so humiliating. The wizard's eyes raked over her, then approached, standing over her, his face contorted.

"Open your legs," he ordered.

Hermione hesitated then complied, spreading her thighs slowly. She watched as his eyes glinted at the sight of her chestnut patch of hair, then he leaned forward.

Suddenly he slapped her right inner thigh and Hermione jumped in the armchair, squealing.

Severus looked at her with a disgusted expression on his face.

"Stop acting like a child," he growled at the witch, "I've only applied a contraceptive patch," he said, looking at the circular green patch stuck to her thigh. It turned red, and vanished. 

"It's taken," he said straightening and looking down at the naked witch. He stared at her for several minutes, not saying anything. 

Then he reached in his pockets and removed both bottles, holding them out for the witch to see.

Hermione paled. Shit. He knew what she had been up to. This couldn't be good.

"First Night potion…Tenderness potion, Hermione?" he asked her, "You honestly thought I wouldn't notice that you'd taken something when I fucked you? Particularly this…."

He shook the Tenderness potion at her, the look on his face terrible.

"The moment I started caressing you, I would have known," he sneered, "And afterwards witch, you would have paid dearly for your use of this elixir."

Hermione stared up at him, not knowing what to say. Severus looked at her.

"It was a good attempt. Quite Slytherin in its execution. However, you were caught. There is always a price when you are caught, Hermione," he said.

The Potions Master walked over to the couch and set both bottles on the closest end table, then walked back to the witch. Standing in front of her, he began to unfasten his robes. He looked down at the witch. His cock was swollen to full capacity.

Hermione watched the wizard's hand fly down the front of his robes, revealing the shirt and trousers beneath. He flung back the fabric, then began working on his trousers. He got them open, then stopped.

"Invert yourself," he said to the witch.

"What?" Hermione responded. What did he mean, invert herself?

Severus caught her shoulders and twisted her in the chair, forcing her down until her head and shoulders rested on the chair cushion and her legs were held straight against the back of the chair. He pulled her forward so her head hung partially off the end of the cushion. She was upside down in the chair. 

He knelt on the floor before the upside down witch, lowering his trousers, then his boxers…his huge cock springing out, blood engorged and ready.

"You are going to suck my cock, witch," he said, pressing his cock against her lips. "You were so intent on turning the tables. It's only fitting I follow through on it…a fitting start to our night. Now open up."

Hermione looked up at the inverted wizard, stricken at being found out and not responding.

Severus didn't take this well.

"Open, damn it!" he seethed, grasping her by a breast and squeezing it hard. Hermione gasped and her mouth flew open. The Potions Master shoved his cock between her lips, groaning as he immersed himself in her wet heat.

Hermione felt his fullness force her mouth wide, his hot hardness sliding in. He tasted clean with a slight saltiness as he began to stroke into her mouth, grunting.

"Suck witch. Remember what I taught you the first time," he hissed, pumping into her mouth with alacrity, the head of his cock glistening with her salvia. "Use your tongue…encircle me. Act like you know, Hermione."

The Potions Master caught the witch on either side of her head with his large pale hands, thrusting into her mouth as she applied suction and worked her tongue around his thick head, her mouth forced wide.

"Yessss," Severus groaned, looking at her inverted body, then releasing her head with one hand and running a finger through her labia, parting it and rubbing her clit, making the witch buckle against the chair and gasp around his cock as his digit collected her juices. 

The wizard stuck his finger into his mouth, tasting her as he continued to thrust into her warm, wet mouth. Hermione's pussy was sweet and musky, just as he remembered.

"Use your hands," he hissed at Hermione. "Grasp me…caress my cock, witch."

Hermione brought her hands up and grasped the wizard's huge cock, working her hands up and down his cock.

"No, lick your palms first, I need lubrication. Wet your hands," he said, jerking her head roughly. Hermione let go of his cock and the wizard slid out of her mouth to let her wet her hands, watching as her pink tongue licked her palms, wetting them. Then he shoved his cock back into her mouth roughly as Hermione grasped him again, working her hands back and forth as she sucked and licked him.

"Mmmmm. Good witch. Good," the Potions Master groaned, his black eyes looking down at her, watching his cock fill her mouth. "Delicious. Make me come."

Hermione continued to suck and stroke his cock, trying to provide the stimulation he needed in order to come. Severus pulled his cock out of her mouth and pressed his balls against her lips.

"Suck them," he commanded, hissing as she drew them into her hot mouth, sucking and licking them with her tongue, rolling them over and over in her heat as she continued to caress his cock with her hands, sliding the silken skin over the iron beneath.

Severus shuddered at the pleasure of it, loving her mouth manipulating and drawing him in. He was close now. He pulled his balls away from Hermione's mouth and inserted his cock again, his hips pumping back and forth, his eyes half-closed with pleasure as he looked down at her, twisted in the armchair, totally at his mercy. Shit, this was good.

The Potions Master sped up, sinking his cock as far as possible into the witch's mouth, gagging her as he approached his pinnacle.

"You swallow it all, Hermione. Every drop," he groaned as his balls tightened.

Hermione felt him swell then hesitate. She gagged as he thrust deep between her lips, flooding her mouth with his release. She swallowed desperately, but could feel some of his emissions drain down her face, running over her cheek and around her eyes.

"Swallow!" he groaned, straining into her mouth.

She did the best she could, his cock pulsing in her mouth, shooting jet after jet of come. She had to please him, particularly since he found out her secret. If she were good, maybe he wouldn't seek a terrible retribution.

Severus panted, his chest and abdomen rising and falling as he felt the witch swallow his release down. He watched some of his thick, white come roll over her face, into her hair and it turned him on immensely. Softening, the wizard withdrew, then collected the spilt ejaculate from the witch's face with a finger and stuck it into her mouth with a groan.

Her sucking it off his finger was so sexy, so erotic. He already felt a throb.

Severus massaged her breasts for a moment, listening to her moan a bit before pulling back and drawing his boxers over his spent cock. He stood and grasped the witch by an arm and pulled her upward, inverting her back to a sitting position. 

Hermione's amber eyes were heavily lidded…and as much as she hated to admit it to herself, her pussy was aching to be claimed by the wizard. Obviously personal feelings had little to do with physical desire. Her body quaked.

Severus looked at her.

"A nice start, witch," he said, meeting her eyes. "I'm pleased."

The Potions Master rose, fastening his pants. Then he looked at her.

"You can go to your room and wait for my next visitation," he said.

"My room?" Hermione said in a raspy voice.

"Yes. You have your own room. Of course I have access to it, but I feel you will need some space after my…shall we say…attentions," he said evenly. "I have other things to do besides fuck you, although fucking you will be my main concern. Be ready for me."

Hermione looked at the Potions Master. She could still taste the slightly bitter flavor of his come.

"Where is my room?" she asked him, feeling a bit disoriented.

"This way," Severus said, pulling her from the armchair roughly and leading her down the hall.

Yes, this weekend would be stellar.

A/N: Ooh…what a start. He hasn't even taken her yet and I'm fanning myself. Lol. Well, please share your thoughts on this chapter and review. Thanks.


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