The Burning Pen

Professor Snape Bangs Again
by Ruth Solomon


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Chapter 15 ~ The Massage

Hermione continued to work the lotion into Severus' skin, her hands smoothing over his body, kneading, probing, and fingering his flesh as she moved over his sinewy arms. The witch felt herself drawn to the wizard as she touched him, tenderly working the potion into his raised pattern of scars. Suddenly she pressed her lips to his back and began to trace the raised welts with her mouth. Severus felt this and shuddered.

"The lotion, Hermione," he said in a low voice, feeling her lips pull away from his body, her small warm hands returning to his flesh.

Hermione massaged the lotion into his sides and lower back, her lips once again falling to the small of his back, her tongue tasting his skin. Again the wizard shuddered but let her continue for a moment or two before he reminded her to continue his massage. Hermione reluctantly continued, spending way too much time on the wizard's buttocks and flanks before moving to his thighs, calves and feet. Severus was anxious to turn over. The lotion obviously worked. It enhanced attraction between the masseuse and the person being massaged, having a similar effect to a moderate lust potion.

Severus turned over and looked up at Hermione's heated eyes.

Well, it was supposed to be a moderate lust potion. Severus watched the witch as she poured more lotion into her hand. Instead of setting the bottle back on the nightstand, she placed it next to him on the bed, then climbed into it, straddling his body. The wizard could feel her hot, wet core pressed against his belly.

"What are you doing, Hermione?" he asked her, his voice a bit raw.

"Repositioning myself," she breathed at him as she leaned forward, breasts swaying as she worked the lotion into his neck, her whole body moving sensuously. "It gives me easier access."

Severus felt the witch shift downward, her ass resting on his loins now, right on top of his erect cock. He growled as her body shifted back and forth over him, the witch pressing her lips to his neck and shoulders as her hands worked up and down his arms, her breasts mashing against his chest. Easier access eh?"

"Sit on my cock, Hermione," he breathed at her, pushing her up.

He didn't have to ask the witch twice. She had never been in this position, but took to it immediately, lifting up as Severus grasped his cock, holding it upright, watching her face as she lowered herself on to him, sighing and moaning as he slipped into her easily. Severus hissed as her warmth gripped his shaft pulsing, soft and well lubricated. Hermione raised her body upward, groaning as he almost slid out of her sleeve, then dropped back down on him, her ass hitting his loins.

She looked down at him, her eyes burning.

"Oh yessss," she hissed, her eyes blazing and her hair falling around her face. "Your cock is so big, Severus."

The wizard grasped her waist.

"You like my big cock, witch?" he asked her, his eyelids fluttering with pleasure as she rose and fell on him gently. "You like fucking your bastard of a Potions Master?"

"Yesssss," she moaned wantonly. "I don't like you, but I like your cock. It makes me feel good."

"Ah," the Potions Master sighed, his head tilting back into the pillows as Hermione slid her warmth over him again and again, "There are few things, Hermione, as erotic as a witch's honesty when she has a hard cock stuffed inside her."

Severus smirked as he lowered his head and watched the witch thrust herself up and down on his thick organ, her breasts bouncing, her amber eyes staring directly at him hungrily. For a moment the wizard had a flashback of Hermione shouting at him in his Potions class, and he grasped her waist and thrust his hips upward hard five or six times, making the witch arch and shriek as he rammed against her cervix. He let her take control again. Her eyes were glistening from his ache, but she didn't let up.

Severus enjoyed Hermione fucking him for a good while, playing with her hair and her breasts as the witch rode him. She felt good, but he needed more. He always needed more. He caught her waist stopping her movements.

"Time to change positions witch. Wizard on top," he breathed as he rolled her over, his cock still buried inside her. 

He trapped her knees over his arms and pressed into her, rolling his pelvis and winding his organ deep inside her, making the witch squeal.

"Round and round we go," he hissed, driving into her softness lustfully, then twisting inside the witch again. He started as her nails dug into his back.

"Oh…it's like that is it, Hermione?" he gasped at her, drawing back and hitting the witch full force, tearing a choked scream from her throat before she orgasmed, drawing her nails down his back, which had the effect of unleashing him as her release flowed over his cock and her body locked down on him.

Severus began to drive into the witch brutally, burying himself deeply in her heat, his balls slapping and pressing against her soft ass, his black eyes locked to her face, nostrils flared as she shrieked, her eyes rolling into her head as she surrendered to Severus' pistoning body, his plunging hardness, claiming every inch of her demandingly, hungrily, greedily, his loins soaked with her juices, his cock covered in her cream, the sting of her nails renewed as perspiration filled the thin wounds streaking his flexing back.

The Potions Master's lungs felt as if they were about to burst, but he was unable to stop as he fucked Hermione to silence, her shrieks hoarsening down to nothing but expelled breath as she clutched at him. But there was no resistance, no fighting him. She had given her body over and he devoured it, merging and flowing with the witch, their slick bodies moving as one. The lotion-inspired lust the witch had shown ignited him, and he wanted to break the witch completely.

Hermione could do nothing but hold on to the wizard on top of her and take him, feel him, surrender to his power. She orgasmed three more times, the last time convulsing in his arms silently as Severus dropped on her, releasing her legs and wrapping his arms around her, pulling her as close to him as possible as he rode her melting body toward his own release, his heart pounding, a corona of pleasure radiating outward from the center of his loins, feeling his entire body pulled into one tight knot of pressure, then exploding into bliss, letting out a roar as he came, shuddering, blasting his seed into the quaking body beneath him, crushing the witch to him so tightly Hermione nearly passed out from lack of air as Severus strained into her, his mouth slack and eyes fluttering upward, the whites showing as he grunted ferally at each delicious pulse of release. 

This time when the pulsing ceased, the wizard was too exhausted to withdraw and lay on the witch heavily as he came down, his cock softening inside her as she continued to shudder and pulse around him. Damn. 

After about fifteen minutes, the wizard pulled out of the prone witch beneath him, rolled off of her body and sat up in the bed, looking down at her. She was sound asleep. Severus sat there for several more minutes, regaining his strength. When he felt strong enough, he rolled out of the bed, grabbed his wand, then reached in and lifted Hermione in his arms. He carried her out of his bedroom and into the guest room. He spread the crumpled covers as best he could with one hand, then pulled them back and laid Hermione gently in the twin bed. He scourgified her, and covered her up. The night wasn't over but she needed to recover.

So did he.

Severus exited her room, scourgifying himself in the process. The wizard's pubic hair was soaked with the witch's release, the odor of sex strong on his body. Hell, he needed more food and a shower. He walked back to his bedroom and stopped in front of the large mirror over his dresser, turned around and looked at his back over his shoulder. Eight thin marks ran from the middle of his spine down to the upper part of his hips. The witch had marked him well. He'd make her apply some healing potion to the marks. Most likely there would be small scars. He had a number of marks from witches on him. Hermione's would just be the latest set.

He walked into the bathroom to take a shower. Sometimes scourgifying just wasn't enough. That had been a heated tryst. No doubt Hermione would be furious with him when he informed her the lotion she used on him had a little something extra to it. She'd remember how she'd fucked him too. And what she'd said about hating him but loving his cock.

The wizard smirked. It was just more ammunition for the future…if he had one. He hoped he did, if only to humiliate the future Potions Mistress. He planned to put the entire weekend into a pensieve. That could also come in handy later on. This had certainly been one of his more enjoyable sexual endeavors, that was for certain.

The Potions Master turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature, making it as hot as he could stand, then washed his pale body and hair thoroughly with soap. He was a whiz at creating shampoos, but rarely bothered with them himself. It was much easier to use soap. He exited the shower, dried off and walked into his bedroom. The wizard opened his wardrobe, pulled out the lower drawer and shuffled through his boxers. He picked up a black pair that he had received from Albus for his birthday. 

On the front of them was a rather licentious looking yellow smiley face, with a wicked grin and devil horns. The slit of the boxers opened right where the nose would be, making for an interesting option as far as the smiley's features went. It could look decidedly elephantine. Underneath the smiley face was a caption in red that read: "Horny Devil"

Severus had thought them ridiculous, and they were. Yet he kept them because they were a gift from the Headmaster. 

Hermione would probably go into conniptions if he wore them, especially after their last bout of sex. The wizard slipped them on and looked at himself in the mirror. Oh yes. The witch would probably hate them. On a whim, he reached in and pulled his cock out through the slit and chuckled at the effect. The devil-smiley had quite a trunk. Maybe he'd let Hermione see him in the boxers with this slight facial adjustment.

Severus picked up his wand from the nightstand and headed toward the kitchen, warding Hermione's door again as he passed. He wanted to know when she awoke. The witch was definitely going to need some pain potions. 

After he administered them, he'd take her for another ride.

A/N: Hmm. Lotion with a touch of lust potion. I wonder how Hermione will take that. And lol about the boxers. He really does like to antagonize the witch. I wonder if she will see them trunk in or trunk out? Rofl. Anyway, please review.


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