The Burning Pen

Hard Times for Severus Snape
by Ruth Solomon


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Chapter 16 ~ Setting Up the Controls

The next day, as the Potions Master tended to completing the impotence potion, Hermione busied herself with cleaning out his potions stores. It was difficult work. Severus allowed her to use magic to remove the shelving, but not the potions. Some might interact with the magic and be rendered unusable. So Hermione removed every bottle and vial by hand, stacking them neatly on two rolling carts, filling both upper and lower trays.

After Hermione removed the potions from the stores, she checked each bottle and vial for expiration, and carefully noted which ones had expired before she threw them into a box for later disposal. Potions could not just be thrown away, but had to be magically destroyed so no one could get hold of them. Even expired potions might have an effect on an imbiber.

She then carefully dusted the remaining potions, and scourgified the closet thoroughly. A large amount of spiders were in there and she disposed of the creatures quickly. Spiders gave her the willies. She replaced the shelving and the bottles according to type, remembering to ward the more potent and dangerous ones with disillusionment spell and put them on the high shelf.

It was an all day job, with a break for lunch. The witch was tired and dusty by the time she completed her work, which happened to coincide with the completion of the impotence potion. As she walked into the lab, Hermione saw the Professor capping the last bottle of potion. He turned to look at the disheveled witch. She was covered in dust with her hair all askew, strands escaping her ponytail.

"You looked like you worked hard, Miss Granger," he purred at her.

"I did," she replied, "When was the last time you cleaned out that closet?"

The Professor thought about it.

"Actually, it was your seventh year," he said, smirking a little, "It was cleaned over a period of four days, during a series of detention you served if memory serves me right. Your fantasies were so vivid at the time, I had to keep you out of the classroom with me for both our sakes."

"You haven't cleaned it since I did that four years ago?" Hermione asked him disbelievingly, ignoring his jibe about her adolescent lust for him.

"No. Obviously the fates arranged for you to return and deliver me from my procrastination. " he said glibly, eyeing one of the impotence bottles, then looking at the exhausted witch. She looked very tired. But that wasn't his problem. She could be at death's door and he'd still fuck her. He was a selfish bastard. Still…

"I suggest that you take a bottle of pepper up potion and a bottle of replenishing potion and go and take a bath, Miss Granger. Refresh yourself. We will test the potion tonight as planned," the Potions Master said, his black eyes glittering at her. 

Hermione noticed his robes tenting, and looked away. Gods, he was a randy wizard.

"It's not that I'm randy, Hermione. I just know what I want," the Professor said silkily.

"Professor, I wish you wouldn't invade my thoughts like that," Hermione said, frowning at him.

"Some wishes just don't come true, Miss Granger," he replied. "You might want to take a few extra occulmency courses when you return to university."

Hermione's hands clenched to fists. Ooh, he was insufferable. She stalked back to the potions stores and took the suggested potions from the shelves then walked back past him wordlessly, out the lab door and back to her room.

Severus watched her go, his dark eyes hot, thinking what juicy little pleasures lay ahead for him.


Hermione lay soaking in the tub. She had added a soothing jasmine scent to the steaming water, as well as the replenishing potion. She felt wonderful. She had to admit the Professor knew what she needed. She thought about tonight. Since he was using an impotence potion, she would be expected to try and arouse him to test to see if he were indeed unable to respond to her. Hermione shuddered a bit as she thought about how she would do that. There was a sure-fire way to test a man's ability to get it up. A blowjob. That was one fantasy she had not yet lived out with the wizard. They had not yet engaged in oral sex. Hermione enjoyed it from both sides, giving and receiving. She had a bit of a masochistic nature, she knew that, and giving head fed that urge to be dominated, if her partner responded right. She had a feeling that the Potions Master would have no problem taking control. If it was to be her last night with him, she might as well indulge herself.

Hermione didn't know that the Professor had stayed in her head, and was even now viewing her thoughts as he showered. So, Hermione liked giving blowjobs, the naughty little witch. She liked them rather rough too. Well, that was something they had in common. The Professor washed his cock very, very thoroughly, which was easy because it was fully erect from the image of the lovely witch on her knees in front of him, working on his tool like some chestnut-haired mechanic. Severus bit his lip. That was a nice image to wank off to, but he was saving all his come for Hermione. He turned the hot water off, and the spray turned ice-cold.


Hermione stepped out of the tub and dried herself off. She tapped her lower belly and the contraceptive patch she wore shimmered into view. It was blinking yellow. Not good. Naked, she walked into her room, opened her drawer and removed a fresh patch. The witch peeled the old one off her belly and replaced it. The new patch glowed red. She was thoroughly protected. She put on a pair of Slytherin green knickers and a matching bra. She was supposed to try and aroused the Professor after all. Gryffindors all believed that Slytherins got wood for anything that was close to their house colors. She then put on a plain white dress that fell mid-thight, with thin straps and white slip-on sandals. She brushed out her hair, then put on her robes. She decided to have supper in the Great Hall tonight.

Hermione exited her room, opened the study wall and exited through the potions office. She didn't notice the Professor sitting in the armchair facing the fire. He smelled the jasmine she had bathed in. It was quite nice. Severus stood up and exited the rooms behind her. He followed her quietly up the dungeons corridor. She had a small, quick walk, particularly when she was going somewhere with a purpose. She was dressed traditionally. He liked that. While the witch looked good in jeans, he had a penchant for a witch in robes or if not in robes, then in a dress.

Hermione turned into the Main Hall and headed for supper. She had just made it to the Great Hall's double doors when the Potions Master swooped out of the dungeon corridor. Hermione's amber eyes fell on him, and she blushed furiously as she pulled the doors open and walked through before he caught up to her. The Professor saw the blush however and gave a small, knowing grin. He opened the doors and swept through.

Hermione was seated next to Poppy and watched as the Potions Master glided up the aisle and mounted the dais, taking his customary seat. Surreptiously, she watched him order his dinner. He was aware of her perusal however. Severus ordered his meal, and Hermione's eyes widened as his plate appeared. Two dozen raw oysters, crackers, horseradish, cocktail sauce, lemons, a small green salad and a carafe of wine. Severus poured a glass of wine, looked straight at her…and winked.

Shocked, Hermione quickly looked around to see if anyone else noticed what the Professor had done. It didn't seem so, although his eating oysters, in her opinion, seemed to visually scream "I'm Having Sex with My Apprentice Tonight!" for everyone to see. She dropped her eyes back to her plate and picked the ham out of her chef's salad, not having much of an appetite.

The Professor, on the other hand, was tucking away the oysters with alacrity, placing them on crackers, preparing them with condiments, and popping them into his mouth with a look of bliss on his face as he chewed. He made short work of the mollusks and his salad, drained his wine, wiped his mouth and looked down the table at Hermione as if to say, 'it's time." He left the table and exited through the staff exit. He would be waiting for her in the rooms.

Hermione finished her meal, then headed for the dungeons, her belly full of warmth and apprehension. She entered the study. The Professor was in the armchair. He rose when he heard her come in.

"You're here. Good," he said, his black eyes fixed on the witch. "Now, before we begin the experiment, I want to explain what you need to do and what you need to expect from me. Since this is a controlled experiment, you will need to follow my instructions. Afterwards, we will transcribe the experiment from a pensieve of either your or my memories. Now, can you be seductive, Hermione? During our previous encounters, the brunt of the work fell on me, not that I minded, believe me. But this time you will have to participate more. You will have to stimulate me beyond just letting me fuck you."

Hermione frowned at the Professor. He made her sound like some kind of submissive little chit. He had done the brunt of the work. Hmph. She knew how to turn a wizard on. It was just Severus was already turned on and didn't need her to stimulate him any further than being accessible. Well, he wanted seductive, she'd show him what seductive was.

"I've decide we will use my bedroom," he stated looking down at Hermione, feeling his cock hardening again, "Are you ready?"

"Yes," Hermione replied, her jaw set determinedly.

The Professor warded the study door, and put a silencing spell on it, then swept into his bedroom. Hermione followed him. Once she was inside, the witch closed the door, turned and looked at the Potions Master. She saw he was aroused.

"I take it you haven't taken the impotence potion yet," she said to him, her eyes dropping to the lower half of his robes. The Professor looked down at the bulge.

"I needed to make sure everything was in working order," he said silkily, looking back up at her, "apparently everything is."

He walked over to his night table and set two bottles on it, one black and one blue. He lifted the black one and showed it to Hermione.

"This is the impotence potion," he said, uncapping it and drinking it down.

After several moments, his robes deflated. The Professor raised his eyebrows at her.

"Very effective," he said. "I want you to understand, Hermione…that although I do not physically respond, the desire is still there. I can be sexually stimulated. I just can't get an erection under the influence of this potion. Much like someone who has an actual sexual dysfunction, I'll want to fuck you but won't be able to."

So in other words, he could be frustrated.

"Since you've told me you can be sexually stimulated without a physical reaction, Professor, I think I should be the one to say when the enhancement potion should be taken. If you are sexually aroused before I've satisfactorily shown that you are unable to physically respond, you may take the potion too soon," the witch said innocently.

The Professor thought about this. The witch may have a point. He would feel whatever she did to arouse him. And as a result of his lust, he actually might take the enhancement potion too quickly.

"Fair enough. You can be the control for the enhancement potion," the Professor agreed.

Hermione flicked her wand at the blue bottle on the nightstand, with a slightly evil smile.

"What did you do?" the Professor asked the witch, scowling a little.

"Oh, just a little insurance that the experiment won't be 'compromised,'" she said, trying her best to keep a straight face, "No one will be able to lift or open that bottle except me. I'm not as strong as you are Professor, and if you should get it in your mind to take the potion, I wouldn't be able to stop you…since I promised the Headmaster I wouldn't hex you anymore. So think of it as a safeguard, a control to a controlled experiment."

Severus looked at the witch realizing that he had unwittingly put all the power in her hands. Without the potion, he couldn't fuck her. The Potions Master's black eyes narrowed. He wasn't completely powerless. His cock was only one part of him. 

"Shall we begin, Hermione?" he asked her, beginning to unbutton his robes.

"Yes, Severus," she replied huskily, her amber eyes going hot. He wanted seductive, eh? 

How about torturous?

The witch began to unbutton her robes, her eyes never leaving the Potions Master's face. Ooh, what she had planned for him.

A/N: And let the experiment begin. This sounds like it will be yummy. Torturous? What does she have planned for the Professor? Will he be able to stand waiting for her to give him the potion? So many questions…so little writing. Lol. Please review.


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