The Burning Pen

Hard Times for Severus Snape
by Ruth Solomon


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Chapter 11 ~ Fulfilling the Fantasy

"Severus…" Hermione managed to rasp, then she gasped in pleasure, her back arching slightly as the Professor entered her with a growl, sliding through her wet heat, filling and stretching her pussy around his hot, hard girth.

"You're so big," Hermione whispered to him as he stared down at her, his dark eyes hot with lust as he felt her life pulsing around him. 

"The better to beat you with, Hermione," he purred, pulling back and thrusting into the witch, hitting bottom with a bit of power. 

Hermione gasped again, louder this time, and his eyes closed with pleasure for a moment, then opened, a fire in them that blazed down at the witch. The Professor had a look on his face she had never seen before. Intense, hungry, needful. His black hair hung around his face, a dark curtain framing his features as he held himself above Hermione, his loins pressed tightly against her thighs, his cock buried deep in her warm, sweet body.

"You are delicious," he breathed, "Simply delicious." 

The glow around the Professor didn't intensify, but remained dim. Maybe because the wizard was engaged in intercourse, the progression was slowed or even neutralized. As she felt Severus throbbing deep inside her, Hermione prayed this was the case. She didn't want him to stop now. She said nothing about the glow. It seemed he couldn't see it.

"Please, Professor," she breathed, shifting under him, thrusting her hips upward and moaning a bit as her motion caused his cock to slide a bit deeper.

"Tell me," he said, "Tell me what you want," he whispered down at her, his voice thick. He gave Hermione a short thrust, and the witch groaned, her arms locking around his lower back reflexively, pulling him to her.

"You know," she said, her voice liquid with desire. Why was he teasing her? Why didn't he just…

"I want to hear you say it…like I did when I asked you to say it in the Room of Requirement. Tell me and I'll do it," he breathed, giving her another short teasing thrust.

"I want you to fuck me," Hermione sighed, her amber eyes glowing with lust.

"Yessss," he replied, drawing back from Hermione, lifting his hips high, then ramming into her hard, jerking her body roughly as she cried out. 

Severus repeated the thrust, twisting his pelvis slightly and groaning, driving into her at a different angle, then again, with another twist, and again, and again, Hermione's voice rising in pleasure, delight and sweetest pain as he stroked away her ache of longing, replacing it with his own lustful sting. Lost to the sensation of sliding into her soft, tight walls, Severus claimed every inch of the witch with increasing speed and growing ardor, driving his cock into her deeper, faster and harder. 

Hermione cried out brokenly, Severus' pelvis slapping between her open thighs loudly he fucked her. The headboard started to shake rhythmically, then began banging against the stone wall as the Potions Master repeatedly buried his cock in Hermione to the hilt, alternating between watching his long, glistening organ piston in and out of her willing body, her bouncing breasts and her beautifully contorting face as she cried out beneath him, her half-opened amber eyes catching the light of the torches and blazing up at him from beneath her lashes. His mouth dropped open helplessly as pleasure coursed through his body. He groaned in delight. Merlin, she felt so good.

Hermione had never been fucked like this before. Nothing else mattered but living out her fantasy, feeling the heat of the once, cold, distant Potions Master driving into her body, pounding, thrusting, slamming his lust and need into her like a man possessed, those piercing black eyes sweeping over her body, watching what he was doing to her, watching what she was letting him do to her. 

He was beautiful, focused, his strong body jerking above her, muscles flexing, his skin covered with a sheen of sweat, silken hair swinging back and forth, his pale form glowing in the torchlight like some kind of unearthly being, some kind of lustful demi-god that fell to earth for the sole purpose of taking his pleasure of mortal women. Gods, he felt so good. She couldn't remember any wizard feeling this good. Every thrust of his cock inside her sent thrills of pleasure pulsing throughout her body, feeding her need yet stoking her lust to a roaring flame, wanting more of him.

"You like this, Hermione? Am I fulfilling your fantasy?" Severus breathed down at the witch as he plunged his cock into her. 

He knew Hermione couldn't answer him. He was fucking her too hard for the witch to do anything but cry out and take it, surrendering to his frenzied penetration of her body, accepting him fully claiming the gift that she gave him. 

As Severus took his pleasure of her, listening to the wet, squishing sounds of her juices as her pussy swallowed his cock down over and over, he knew he would never look at Hermione Granger the same way again; not after experiencing the brilliant witch like this, that strong mind switched off by him, her intelligence lost to her passion, and the woman beneath coming to the fore, showing herself in her most primal, wanton form. It was as if he couldn't get enough of her. The more he fucked her, the more he wanted to fuck her. 

Severus felt Hermione stiffen, shudder and come for him for the first time, and it was both beautiful and gratifying, the witch screaming his given name as her pussy clenched around him with a powerful pressure, her inner walls squeezing and pulsing as her release washed over his cock, a hot flood boiling forth from the broken dam of her body. Hermione's neck stretched out as she tilted her head back into the pillows and bliss washed over her, her lips parting, her amber eyes flickering wildly as she dug her nails into the wizard's pale, flexing back, leaving eight thin, bloody trails to mark the moment he delivered her from her need

Severus hissed, cursed and arched as the pain hit him, but the Potions Master continued to ride the witch through her orgasm, unable to stop fucking her or even slow up, the tight sleeve of her sex gripping his shaft too deliciously to quit now. He was invested in her pleasure, immersed in witnessing her complete surrender, yet demanded even more. He fucked the now whimpering witch with a sustained ardor. Her pussy was his now, and he partook of it with abandon, his cock covered in her creamy come, his nostrils filled with the animal scent of raw sex. 

Severus continued to fuck Hermione through three more orgasms, the last being so intense that he could no longer hold back, dropping onto her body and stroking into her violently, sliding her body upward until she was stopped by the pillows piled against the headboard, fucking her brutally until he reached the plateau and tumbled over it. He gasped her name as he flooded her shuddering body with his seed, shooting blast after blast of hot release until every drop was spent. The glow around him faded and disappeared as Severus lay with his cheek pressed against Hermione's, his silken hair stuck to her face in damp strands while he panted as if recovering from the biggest battle of his life.

The couple lay there for several minutes, body to body, chests rising and falling like the tide, hearts pounding in counterpoint, returning to the world of reason reluctantly. Finally, Hermione recovered enough to speak.

"My gods, Severus. After that performance, how will we ever know if the potion works?" she asked him softly, her voice still quavering with passion.

The Potions Master sighed contentedly, his deflated cock still embedded in her warm body.

"We'll just have to apply ourselves to the task," he replied a bit hoarsely, his breath tickling her ear, "and engage in repeat performances until we know for sure."

Hermione smirked as she felt the Potions Master smile against her cheek. She couldn't be certain, but she was almost positive it was a wicked, wicked smile.

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